Welcome to Feathered Affairs, a daily comic strip that proves politics is truly for the birds. In this world, the key players are an idealistic young blue jay, a militant bald eagle, a flamboyant rooster, a miserly golden eagle, a spectacled Bulbul, and double-headed Russian eagle. All of the characters are drawn from the avian orders with personalities inspired by the parts of the world they represent. Together, they form an organization of nations meant to improve cooperation within the international arena.

That’s the dream, anyways.

In practice, Feathered Affairs is a satire pointing out the flaws and foibles of governments everywhere. What is a government but a series of offices? What better way to examine politics than through this very microcosm? Within this scenario office politics takes on a double meaning, becoming commentary on current events. The goals and dreams of each character take on greater resonance when viewed within the larger context of international relations.

Follow the Feathered characters as a reality show in a form of a daily comic. Follow them on Twitter for lively, satirical commentary on daily news and events. If not sure which bird to follow, try @featheredtree first.



Alen Puaca

Alen is a Vancouver based designer and illustrator. Over the past 18 years he has worked on visual media and experience designs for virtual, online and physical spaces, merging the three in seamless experience. He was part of design teams that delivered a number of themed attractions and exhibits around the world including Canadian Pavilion at EXPO 2005, BC Canada House at Torino Olympics, SCITECH, Al Khobar Science Centre, the biggest science centre in the Middle East. Before joining iQmetrix, where he currently works as a creative director, Alen worked with DAE-VANOC core design team that delivered Vancouver 2010 Olympic Ceremonies.

Robert Weber

Rob studied Journalism and Political Science at Carleton University in Ottawa. He began his career working as a journalist for CBC TV and TVOntario. He went on to write for numerous government departments, most notable representing Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. During his time within Privy Council, he wrote about Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Industry and International Trade. About ten years ago, Rob moved out to Vancouver to work in Hollywood North. As a screenwriter, he has optioned several scripts and has just received a development grant from Telefilm Canada for his latest feature. When not writing, he works as an Assistant Director on such projects as Charlie St. Cloud, Hellcats and Eureka. Currently, he’s working on his first novel about his experiences in the film industry.